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This is just the final post of the series of post about my personality. It’s been quite fun, but really hard, analyzing myself —or try to— from the starting point of the 16pernalities test. I wanted to write the final conclusion as a separate post mainly because I want it to encroach all the other three post and I don’t think this bit really fit at the bottom of any of the others, even when It’s going to be small.

The main reason I’ve done this exercise —analyze myself— is improvement. If one doesn’t know well oneself, how one can really improve and try to be a better version of oneself? First time I read the test I really thought that it was more or less shenanigans and I still hold that opinion, since no test is going to give you, ever, a real picture of yourself.

However, I think it’s probably a great tool to know myself better and to walk me through the strong and weak point of my personality. Whether the test is really accurate in framing your personality, it create a interesting template or structure to dip you deeper into yourself. I never thought before in some of the points that the description of my personality raised and, of course, I never thought in evaluating them. So I really think it’s worth it.

The second great reason is sharing. I really wanted to share my personality with the rest of the world. Not because I really think I’m that important to anyone to give a damn about how my personality is, but as an exercise of openness. Usually, when someone talks about you, and they are more or less accurate, we get concerned, angry, even mad at them and try to hide as soon as possible.

That’s a perfectly natural behavior, since we are afraid to get hurt by others if we’re too exposed, but it’s something that has to change, even more if the description isn’t done with malice. When we share with others how we are and why, we are making it easy for them to see us, understand us and in the end communicate. Trying to understand others and make it easy to understand us make us a better humans. Trying to find out what are the views of others and why and how they reached them it’s a much better start for a dialogue, instead of just fighting those views when they aren’t close to ours. Sharing what you are and how you see the world, it’s a great place to begin with.

Sharing your flaws doesn’t expose you to others, just make you human and a better and more hones person. No one is perfect1… Let’s try to find out about each other more often, so we can understand each other better, work better and live better.

  1. What is more… what is perfection? Perfection is a human concept that at the end of the day has nothing to do with reality. Some that for someone could be perfect, to others can be totally imperfect. The same for different situations. Someone can be just perfect for someone, but totally imperfect for other one. 

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