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We’re again in that time of the year when we’ve spun once more around the Sun and therefore…

I want to wish you all a…

Happy New Year 12020

The 12020 Human Era Calendar
The 12020 Human Era Calendar from Kurzgesagt. Source: Kurzgesagt

This last year has been quite special. First of all, because it was full of really interesting trips. First to Vienna, Austria :austria: for two months and then we visit again Corvallis, OR, USA :us: on the summer where we came across old friends and made new unforgettable ones.

However, the most important trip of all was a really personal one that changed our civil status from being married to being parents. While we were on Austria, we found out that we were pregnant and the countdown for a new and exciting adventure started. This countdown ended last December 5, when our son Luis Puerto Díaz (Junior)1 was born in Joensuu, Finland :finland:.


I recommend you to be grateful2 for what you have… because it’s the best antidote to dissatisfaction, and I’m sure you’ll get more things to be grateful next year.

And remember you that you’re not alone.

Although we are hundreds of kilometers away, we’ll be always together and in this time and age we’re just a click way. Literally, you can always call3 —or email— me to catch up!

I also like to the remember to you, and specially to all the Nordics :sweden::denmark::finland::iceland::norway::iceland: and in particularly the Finns :finland::finland::finland::finland:, that to be independent doesn’t have to mean to be alone or lonely. Humans —no mater the nationality—4 are social animals that need to be with other humans. Of course, we also need our small space for solitude —think of it as the moment for recharge— but in the end you need socialization. If you don’t have both things, your health, physical and mental, will deteriorate for sure.

Finally, I would like to encourage you watch this video, which I would consider a Weird Christmas Tale, but I also consider really suitable for a New Years Eve, since rebirth is one of it’s themes. Could be a better time of the year for rebirth than New Year? Anyhow, and as any good story, it has multiple interpretations that you need to distill.

And in the end… please remember the…

chRismas Regresion model

And That You Get
“More Bonus Points If You Help To Build A Galactic Human Empire”.

The 12020 Human Era Calendar
The 12020 Human Era Calendar from Kurzgesagt. Source: Kurzgesagt

PS/ As the previous year, Olalla has made our review of the 12019 year:

12019 in review
  1. Or as some people is starting to call him “Luisito”. In Spanish the Junior title is in general not used, but some people use diminutives or superlatives, which Spanish allow to be made with nouns. “Luisito” is the diminutive of Luis. I was “Luisito” until I grow up and became Luis or “Luisón” (superlative). Also, sometimes family and specially friends nickname you in some ways when you are in school or high school. Some nicknames stick more than others. My hometown friends still call me by several different nicknames :blush:, which I like, but only when it comes from them because denotes a familiarity formed in a specific stage of my life. 

  2. We’re extremely grateful for our Christmas present this year!!!!! 

  3. Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp are very useful tools that people usually don’t take advantage of. I have to admit that I hate WhatsApp as a message system, specially related to groups and voice messages, but instead of send me a voice message or just a text, let’s arrange some time together and just see each other faces and/or hear each other voices in real time, which any of those app allows. And please use more the email :e-mail:, I love emails, but I hate “just texts”. 

  4. And I not going to even mention the raze because it’s just a bollocks concept that has been proven to be false. So please, stop thinking you are special for have been born in some place or because you have some skin or hair color. You’re just an human. 




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