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As some of you already know, on Dec 5 at 22.00 EET I upgraded my civil status and I became a father. Olalla delivered beautiful baby boy at the North Karelia Hospital in Joensuu, that has been named after his two granddads and me, so he is Luis Puerto Díaz. Luis the IV, Luis Puerto the III and Junior, and Luis Puerto Díaz is his full name, that’s unique. Most of the people is starting to call him Junior. He was 3.8 kg and 51 cm long, really healthy and without any mayor problem at the moment of birth. So let’s keep the fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and hope that he continues that path for the rest of this existence.

Pregnancy was quite an adventure, full of trips around half of Europe and the world, where we had a lot of fun. It ended up with a two Spaniards :es: having a Spanish baby in the middle of the winter in a remote area in the North of Europe :european_union:, more specifically in Finland :finland:. Anyhow, we know that we should buckle up for what is seems its going to be the adventure of our lives for the rest of it.

Although, we have a little bit of lack of sleep, and the mother ended with some scratches after the labor, we are really happy to have him with us and become a family of three. These are going to be the first Christmas that we are going to spend as a family, and we are going to spend them in Finland, since we aren’t ready to travel. This is a little bit sad because we are not going to be able to introduce to him some of his more closest relatives, but we hope to put remedy to that soon in the following months. Even some of them have already visited and others are planning to come to visit soon.

We’re going to try to continue sharing our adventures with him and for that reason we have created a small site for that purpose We’ll try to update it often.

See you around.

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