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This year Kurzgesagt really surprised to all of us making one of their videos not about their usual thematic —science, technology, even politics or philosophy in some cases— but instead they decided to make the animated version of a quite well know short story from the writer Andy Weird —the author of “The Martian“— titled “The Egg”.

The story is incredible wonderful. First because it’s shot and then it’s good. You know that in Spanish there is a saying that could be translated like “What’s good, when brief, is twice as good”. The story in its short duration —barely eight minutes— touches incredible amount of themes. From the death, to the rebirth and the reincarnation, our relations with others and how we behave towards them, the purpose of life, god, knowledge and so and so forth. And in the end, as any really good story, it’s open the interpretation form the viewer.

From the first time I saw it, I really thought it could be a really good Christmas tale to wish people Happy Holidays!!!, with some atheistic touches. Specially in the context of the recent changes we suffered in our family.

Anyhow, and since it’s really difficult for me to describe the story without reveal its content, it’s much better if you just watch it. I hope you like it and it becomes for you some good for thought.


Happy Holidays!!!!

By the way… Happy Holidays from R too!

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