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This is my very blog post… this post should’ve been a way earlier than it is being, but life is as it is.

I was thinking also into change the “featured image” WordPress is offering but I thought that is fine, since we are in America and this is my first post of my American writing period. The photo is New York City if you haven’t notice, so a really good for an opening post from USA.

This blog has several purposes. I think that the first one is to practice my writing in English and make me more fluent in the Shakespeare language. Yes, I need to improve.

Second one, is try to express myself and to put in black and white my experiences, personal and professional ones. I’m trying to write about myself, my opinions, what I like and what I don’t like (or hate), my hobbies and last but not least my profession. Summing it up, what it seemed as a good idea in the moment I wrote about it, so don’t take it too seriously, perhaps my ideas have already evolve in the moment you’re reading about them.

So, what kind of topics can you expect here? Forestry, GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR, science & research, politics, nature, hiking, photography, technology and probably many many other topics that they will come across my mind the future and they don’t come to my mind right now. I usually like to talk and draw comparisons about the countries where I’ve been or lived. So be prepare to read about Spain, Sweden, Finland and Europe in general, and of course USA, specially Oregon where I live now, and NYC, my favorite city in the world.

My style of writing around here is going to be really informal, but I’ll try to keep my grammar and style in shape. I’m here to look for a honest conversation. First with myself and then with you. Yes, you, because if it were a conversation just with myself this would be a monologue and pretty boring, so please comment.

Since English isn’t my native language, I’m sure I’m going to make a lot of mistakes, typos, grammatical horrors and probably my style is going to leave a lot to be desired. However, you’re there to take care of that, you that hero of the grammar and style. I really encourage you to tell me if you see anything wrong in my writing, Please, I’m here to learn.

Returning to the topic of, why I didn’t write earlier? Well, for a lot of reasons. First, I didn’t feel the need, and second, this blog wasn’t ready. Now, today, in this instant, I’m feeling the need to start blogging again and this is good.

Currently, I’m with my wife Olalla, in Corvallis (OR) and we are going to be here at least until September, learning. Learning about forest, English, american life and getting new experiences. Isn’t life made of experiences?


PS1/ You’ll se more New York in September, when we’ll reach there.

PS2/ Edit: I’ve edited this on 15 May, to fix some typos and grammar mistakes.

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