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Hi, my name is Luis Puerto and I’m a dynamic and versatile Forest Engineer from Spain with more than 10 years of diverse and wide experience in GIS, remote sensing and data analysis. I have been working lately on research projects involving LiDAR, biomass, R language and trade data. I have experience working internationally, with a wide range of technologies and in interdisciplinary teams. I have great ability to learn and an analytical mind. I am mainly looking for challenging projects related to GIS, remote sensing and data analysis where I can use my background and skills, learning new ones in the process.


On going: MSc. iGEON. Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Earth Observation for Environmental Modeling and Natural Resource Management. (120 ETCS | Online)
Lund University (Sweden) and University of Twente (Netherland)

2012: Degree in Forestry and Environmental Engineering1 (240 ETCS), University of León, Spain.
Thesis / Senior project: El Pajariel” Stand Management Plan.



  • Hernando A., Puerto L., Mola-Yudego B., Manzanera J.A., Garcia-Abril A., Maltamo M., Valbuena R. 2019. Estimation of forest biomass components using airborne LiDAR and multispectral sensors. iForest Journal.
    doi: 10.3832/ifor2735-012


Currently: Tryout at European Forest Institute, Bioeconomy Programme, Smart Forestry Area

  • Main project: Forest Products Trade Flow database, related to the analysis of more than 100 GB of data from global trade flows, focusing in of forest product.
  • R programing. Developing, maintaining, debugging and adding new functionality to a R package for data extraction, manipulation and analysis from different publicly available trade databases like UN Comtrade and EU Comext.
  • Working with APIs, databases like MySQL, and Linux on server and desktop, to gather and store the data and to implement and debug the final product.

Ongoing from summer 2019: Volunteer at US Forest Service

  • Creating a model on R for gap forest detection using LiDAR, the FIA and aerial photo.
  • Handling and analysis of the full forest inventory of Oregon.

2017-2018: Independent consultant and professional

Sep-Dec 2016: Kansalaisopisto Joensuu. Spanish teacher.

  • Teaching a course of Spanish language for adults.

2015-2017: University of Eastern of Finland. Different LiDAR projects as intern. 9 months in total.

  • Download, processing and analyzing the whole LiDAR information of Finland using Fusion, LAStools. LidR and others.
  • Scripting in R language to process and analyze LiDAR data. Statistical modeling to yield biomass estimations.
  • Reference research and scientific writing about LiDAR and biomass estimation.

Nov 2014: Metsäkeskus. Finnish language course internship

  • Creation of digital cartography using Metsäkeskus’ inventory data in Finnish.
  • Able to work in a full Finnish language environment and interact other staff.

2014-2016: Intensive Finnish Language Courses.

  • More than 1500 hours in total, about Finnish language and culture.
  • Able to work with people in an environment where language could be a barrier.

May 2009 – Dec 2012: Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (City of Energy Foundation), Spanish Government.

  • Last position: Coordinator of Technology & Innovation Area at Technology & Systems Department
  • In charge of a multidisciplinary team of four members related to technology and programming.
  • Co-responsible to commission the digital platform for the Museo Nacional de la Energía. 1-million-euro project.
  • Develop, implement and commission different kinds of technological systems such as public Wi-Fi networks, ticket-selling systems, geolocation systems for people and objects, and cloud computing systems.
  • Responsible of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Cartography elaboration (such as two tourism maps, web apps or in-house cartography), data analysis, geodatabase keeping and in-house GIS training.
  • Responsible of the office tasks of Assessment of the current phytosanitary status of European chestnut in El Bierzo (León, Spain) project; managing field work, inventory operations, and data processing and analysis.
  • Other projects:
    • Heritage Inventory of El Bierzo and Laciana Counties. Helping to plan field works, develop the inventory and coordinate and create a database. Also, subsequent analysis of data using GIS methodologies.
    • La Mirada Circular (more than 300 km of hiking routes): Help to organize activities, signaling, mapping and managing.
    • Lots of other activities about environment, alternative and clean energies, tourism and territory analysis.

2009: Freelance consultant for TRAGSATEC; collaborate in the preliminary plan for the Pajariel Forestry Park.

  • Collecting data in the field, team organization, and cartography elaboration.
  • GIS multi-criteria analysis of data, develop and analysis proposals of restoration and activities for the park.
  • Analysis of potentialities and the development of citizen participation process.

2005-2011: Several projects as freelance such as:

  • Development of Geographic Information Systems in ArcGIS, ArcPAD & ArcView and blueprints in AutoCAD.
  • Experience as a judicial expert in court and writing a judicial report for one side.

2007-2008: Ponferrada Municipality (9 months) at the project “Integral Management of the Ponferrada’s Mountains”. Forest and office technician and consultant:

  • Forest inventory of more than 12000 ha, in-filed decision making about forest management and GIS analysis of data.
  • Co-writing of strategic management report for the forest for the following 10 years.

2006: Tecnosylva SL. (6 months). Forest technician and consultant:

  • Inventory of forest roads, with GPS, ArcPAD, and off-road vehicle. Over 2000 km.
  • Cartography generation and digitalization in ArcGIS software.
  • Collecting data in field with professional GPS. Advanced knowledge of GPS methodology.
  • Forest inventory with computing systems such PDA, Vertex, and electronic caliper.

Additional Training

  • 10 training courses on ArcGIS 10 Desktop and Server systems, including Oracle DDBB and programming in python and add-ins, by ESRI Spain (300 hours).
  • Course Sextante (GIS toolbox) by Uni. of León (20 hours).
  • Course “Thematic Cartography”, by the Spanish National Geographic Institute (40 hours).
  • Course of “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals” in Python, by University of Toronto (50 hours).
  • Course “Certification and Audition Systems in forest exploitations” by PROFOR (144 hours).
  • Course of Fire Management, by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (200 hours).
  • Course AutoCAD 2011 2D & 3D, by IFESS (40 hours).
  • Course “Health and Safety on forest exploitations” by PROFOR, (144 hours).
  • Course “Defending Forest Against Wildfires”, by the Spanish Forest Engineers Official Association (30 hours).
  • Course about Biomass by CARTIF Foundation (60 hours).
  • Course “Forest Planning”, by Castile and León Government (50 hours).
  • Course on Project Management by Adecco (15 hours)
  • Course of Wonderware by Wonderware Spain (35 hours).
  • I’ve assisted to many others talks, seminaries, conferences and congresses at local, national and international level.




  • :es: Spanish: Native Speaker
  • :us: English: Bilingual
  • :finland: Finnish: A2
  • :sweden: Swedish: A1


  • Cartography
  • Project management
  • Wildfires
  • Trade data
  • Certification & audit


  • Self-learner
  • Analytical & meticulous
  • Open minded
  • Critical & system thinker
  • Productive & organized
  • International perspective
  • Global traveler
  • Social & independent

Complementary Activities

  • Volunteering:
    • Albany Historic Carrousel in Oregon, US: Setting the animals, assembling the wooden structure and helping with the mechanical and electrical systems.
    • The Hour of Code in Madrid, ES: Teaching code to 4th grade school students.
    • Cultural volunteering in Joensuu, FI: Immigration inclusion, developing leisure programs for children.
    • OSGeo & QGIS Homebrew tap: Producing documentation, maintaining the tap, updating formulae and organizing operation and planning with other volunteers remotely.
  • I like adventure and challenges. I love hiking and camping in the wilderness. Travel enthusiast and explorer.
  • Always interested in trying new things and test new tools to improve, specially my productivity.
  • Photography enthusiasm. I spend most of my free time reading and learning.

PDF Résumé

Additionally I prepare a concise version of this résumé in pdf paper format. You can see and download the most recent version bellow or here.

  1. Actually, this is when I converted my previous diploma to the new Bolonia framework. I’ve been a Forest Engineer, since 2008 when I graduated from my original studies.