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I’m a dynamic and versatile Engineer from Spain with more than 15 years of experience on data science and analysis, GIS, and remote sensing. Lately, I’ve been working on projects related to LiDAR, biomass, trade data and coding —specially in R. I have experience working internationally, with a wide range of technologies and in interdisciplinary teams. I’m always interested in learning new skills and I’m looking for challenging projects where I can put to use my background and skills.

Educational Background

On going: MSc. iGEON. Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Earth Observation for Environmental Modeling and Natural Resource Management. (120 ETCS | Online)
Lund University (Sweden) and University of Twente (Netherland)

2012: Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry and Environmental Engineering 1 (240 ETCS), University of León, Spain.
Thesis / Senior project: El Pajariel” Stand Management Plan.



  • Hernando A., Puerto L., Mola-Yudego B., Manzanera J.A., Garcia-Abril A., Maltamo M., Valbuena R. 2019. Estimation of forest biomass components using airborne LiDAR and multispectral sensors. iForest Journal.
    doi: 10.3832/ifor2735-012


Currently: Freelance consultant on data analysis, GIS, remote sensing, forestry and more.

Jun - Dec 2020: Paternity leave.

Sep 2019 - Jun 2020: European Forest Institute. Data Analyst
I worked at Bioeconomy Programme on the Forest Products Trade Flow database project to analyze global trade flows during the last 30 years with a focus of forest products.

  • Developed a script to extract ~100 GB of data from UN COMTRADE trade database.
  • Setup and optimize the SQL storage database. Cleaned and assessed the integrity on the data, and correctly subset it for the posterior analysis and further cleaning.
  • Developed a script to periodically perform the previous tasks unattended.
  • Successfully debugged an R package for cleaning the data and fixed coding problems.
  • Delivered a detailed report about problems, suggestions and needed improvements, on the R package code and on the near future of the project.

2017 - 2019: Freelance consultant.

2015 - 2017: University of Eastern of Finland. University of Eastern of Finland. Various LiDAR projects. 9 months in total.

  • Developed scripts to download Finland’s full LiDAR dataset —~1TB at the moment— and to processed and analyze it using Fusion, LAStools, R, LidR and other tools.
  • Produced and developed statistical models to yield biomass estimations.
  • Wrote and published a scientific paper on biomass, LiDAR and multispectral sensors.

2013 - 2016: Diverse activities:

  • Taught Spanish language at Joensuu’s municipal adults education center.
  • Helped to teach GIS using ArcGIS at university level.
  • Created digital cartography using the forest inventory of the Finish Forest Center.
  • Survived to a Finnish intensive course of more than 1500 hours.

2009 – 2012: Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (City of Energy Foundation), Spanish Government.

I worked as coordinator of Technology & Innovation Area close to the General Director that reported directly to the President of Spain. I led a multidisciplinary team related to technology, innovation, coding and GIS, with total budged greater than 1 million euros.

  • Successful led and delivered projects related to tackle climate change, clean energy, technology systems for a museum, geotracking, Wi-Fi networks and regional development.
  • Developed two paper regional tourist maps and successfully served the organization’s GIS needs like assist on cartography matters or data analysis.
  • Delivered GIS training for inhouse staff and for the general public.
  • Led scientific study’s fieldwork: inventory operations, data processing and analysis.

2009: Freelance consultant for TRAGSATEC; collaborate in the preliminary plan for the Pajariel Forestry Park.

  • Successfully delivered a forestry report that was essential the final plan presented to the public on a town-hall.
  • Led the team that collected data on the field, create the cartography and the report.
  • Developed a GIS multi-criteria analysis that helped produce the proposal for leisure activities and restoration of the area.
  • Delivered insights about how to develop and proceed to create a citizen participation process for the project.

2005-2011: Several projects as freelance such as:

  • Successfully create cartography, analysis and reports using ArcGIS, ArcPAD & ArcView and blueprints using AutoCAD.
  • Delivered a judicial report and a testimony in court that was key for the side that hired me to win the case.

2007-2008: Ponferrada Municipality (9 months) at the project “Integral Management of the Ponferrada’s Mountains”. Forest and office technician and consultant:

  • Successfully performed the inventory of 12000 ha of forest area while and took management sessions on the ground.
  • Delivered a strategic management report for the area for the following 10 years. Data analyst and cartography was key.

2006: Tecnosylva SL. (6 months). Forest technician and consultant:

  • Performed the inventory of over 2000 km of forest road with an off-road vehicle, a GPS and ArcPAD.
  • Digitalized thousands of aerial photos on ArcGIS as cartography preparation for the field work.
  • Delimited hundreds of km of forest areas using a sub metric GPS and processed all the data.
  • Successfully delivered forest inventory data of thousands of ha. of forest area using a PDA, Vertex, and electronic caliper.

International Traveling

From 2013 to the end of 2019, I’ve been traveling and living on several European countries and in the US due to family circumstances. On this these trips developed several projects and participate on diverse activities like:

  • Volunteer at US Forest Service to create a model on R for gap forest detection using LiDAR, FIA and aerial photos.
  • Volunteer at Albany Historic Carousel in Oregon (US) where I set the animals, assembled the wooden structure and helped with the mechanical and electrical systems.
  • I thought to code to 4th grade school kids during the Hour of Code in Madrid.
  • Cultural volunteering in Joensuu, FI. I helped on immigration inclusion, developing leisure programs for children and to create a photo expo on the streets of Joensuu with portraits of locals and immigrants.
  • Attended several courses, seminars and workshops on statistics, environmental management and data management and science on several institutions like the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciencese, Oregon State University or University of Eastern of Finland

Additional Training

  • 10 training courses on ArcGIS 10 Desktop and Server systems, including Oracle DDBB and programming in python and add-ins, by ESRI Spain (300 hours).
  • Course Sextante (GIS toolbox) by Uni. of León (20 hours).
  • Course “Thematic Cartography”, by the Spanish National Geographic Institute (40 hours).
  • Course of “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals” in Python, by University of Toronto (50 hours).
  • Course “Certification and Audition Systems in forest exploitations” by PROFOR (144 hours).
  • Course of Fire Management, by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (200 hours).
  • Course AutoCAD 2011 2D & 3D, by IFESS (40 hours).
  • Course “Health and Safety on forest exploitations” by PROFOR, (144 hours).
  • Course “Defending Forest Against Wildfires”, by the Spanish Forest Engineers Official Association (30 hours).
  • Course about Biomass by CARTIF Foundation (60 hours).
  • Course “Forest Planning”, by Castile and León Government (50 hours).
  • Course on Project Management by Adecco (15 hours)
  • Course of Wonderware by Wonderware Spain (35 hours).
  • Course about International Merchandise Statistics Trade by United Nations.
  • I’ve assisted to many others talks, seminaries, conferences and congresses at local, national and international level.




  • :es: Spanish: Native Speaker
  • :us: English: Bilingual
  • :de: German: Beginner
  • :finland: Finnish: A2
  • :sweden: Swedish: A1



  • Self-learner
  • Analytical & meticulous
  • Open minded
  • Critical & system thinker
  • Productive & organized
  • International perspective
  • Willing to travel
  • Social & independent

“Extracurricular activities”

  • I like adventure and challenges. I love hiking and camping in the wilderness. Travel enthusiast and explorer.
  • Always interested in trying new things and test new tools to improve, specially my productivity.
  • Photography enthusiasm. I spend most of my free time reading and learning.

PDF Résumé

Additionally I prepare a concise version of this résumé in pdf paper format. You can see and download the most recent version bellow or here.

  1. Actually, this is when I converted my previous diploma to the new Bolonia framework. I’ve been a Forest Engineer, since 2008 when I graduated from my original studies.