January of 2018

Sunsets in the land of the magic light

2 minute read

Yesterday I was wandering with my car… warming it up, when I notice one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen in ages, between the trees in the south side of the road. I tried to think quickly where I could get a better look of the Sun and I finally came out with the perfect place where I can get a really nice view, fast and without eve ...

Convert your Pi in an AirPlay receiver

3 minute read

I recently needed to convert my Raspberry Pi 3 into a AirPlay receiver because I didn’t have any of my AirPort Express at hand and I wanted to play just music —not the entire collection of sounds my computer produce— on one of my old Hi-Fi Self Stereo System. So I searched on the internet and saw that it was totally possible to do it and I try i...

iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Powerlevel9k + Monaco Nerd Complete Font

7 minute read

In general, I don’t use my Mac’s Terminal app. Instead, I use iTem2 with a special configuration, that doesn’t use Bash, but Oh My Zsh as a shell, that is a framework to manage Zsh configuration as your shell. This framework allows you to install plugins or configure your prompt, among other cool things. I’ve also configured iTerm2 to work with ...